As the conference continued, it struck me that DOVE has fathers and mothers. It is filled with powerful men and women whose hearts long to deliver, nurture and develop children who have the character of Christ in them. They have understood that the Lord God Almighty loves us all equally and that He longs for us to be restored back to Him. God desires to have a relationship with Him, like the days of Adam; only better. The Father?s heart longs for us to flourish, grow, expand and be ambassadors of His Kingdom. As I watched the pastors of DOVE being introduced one after the other, I began to weep because they all reflected the Father?s heart. The radiance on their faces, the attitude of humility in their hearts, the simplicity of their persona screamed out love. In one accord as they gave their testimonies, the room was filled with love; a love so tangible you could cut through it. A love so intense you could feel the Lord Himself embrace you. A love so alive, the broken hearts began to heal.

?Behold, the Lord is doing a new thing, can you perceive it???God?s plans for the church as a whole is taking a new direction. He is using the fathers, the mothers and others who have the hearts of the Father to begin a new thing. It is a new way of preaching, a new way of praying, a new way of giving, a new way of loving. A new anointing and a new way of doing church. Can you perceive it?

– Melissa Nechesa