A journey that started as a simple itch changed the life of Mercy forever.

During a family get together in December 2012, my sister Mercy started complaining of itchy pimples in her body. We thought it was just a rash that would go away, but little did we know that her autoimmune system was quite excitedly creating antibodies that were attacking specific proteins in the skin and breaking the bond between skin cells.

Mercy seated on the wheelchair after commissioning service
Mercy seated on the wheelchair after
commissioning service

Despite medication, the pimples increased and became more painful. A biopsy showed that she was suffering from pemphigus vulgaris (PV).

PV is a rare autoimmune disease that occurs when the body?s immune system attacks healthy cells. Pemphigus causes blisters on the skin and mucous membranes found in the mouth, nose, throat, and eyes as the antibodies break the bonds between skin cells. Instead of attacking bacteria, they attack healthy cells, causing a collection of fluid between skin layers.

It was very agonizing to visit Mercy in the hospital and sit helplessly, seeing as she was writhing in pain. A month later, when Mercy was recovering at home, the worst happened. One night she started complaining of aches in her body. We rushed her to the hospital only to realize that had suffered a severe stroke which paralyzed the left side of her body.

It was unbelievable. A healthy, active business lady and a committed Christian was suddenly told she would never walk again. The condition left her dependent on others. But due to the high hospital bills, the family was unable to purchase a wheelchair for her.

God is ever faithful. He loves us even when we do not realize it. In December 2015, God through DOVE Christian Fellowship provided a wheelchair for my sister. On the same day when she was to be commissioned in her church as a member of the Women?s Guild, she received her wheelchair. A double blessing to her.

After staying at home for three years without going to church, Mercy can now attend church. We thank God for this wheelchair that has given her fresh hope for life. Neither Mercy, her family, nor those who delivered the wheelchair could hold their tears during this great celebration.

?May God bless you abundantly,? is Mercy?s grateful prayer.

By: Angela Kung?u