?We are excited by what God is doing at Faza Island,? are the words of Peter and Irene Wafula, DMA missionaries reaching out to the Bujuni community in Faza Island, Lamu, Kenya. Peter and Irene have been in this island for more than ten years and have seen God transform and call many to his kingdom.

It takes at least two?days by road and water from Kenya?s capital city to reach the beautiful tropical island, one of the thirteen Islands in Lamu. Peter and Irene minister in the community through teaching, agriculture and sports evangelism.

Peter and Irene edIrene narrates how she first went to the island as an intern after evangelism training. She was later joined by her husband after their marriage. Irene worked as a teacher with Open Door Ministries for several years and later resigned and started coaching children from their own home.

On his side, Peter invests his efforts in farming and has impacted many through this initiative. In addition, he also oversees sports in the region. He however notes that drug abuse among the youths here make it hard for many to be effective in sports.

?God has given us favor. In many instances, we see community members come to us to seek for advice and assistance during their hard times,? explains Irene. She adds that they interact freely and frequently visit neighbors in their homes when they are sick or during funerals. All of this strengthens relationships and trust.

Peter and ire2
Peter travelling to the Island by boat

Peter and Irene noted that the community believes much in spirits commonly referred as ?mizuka?. They explained that many people sleep with the lights on all night to chase away the spirits. They add that others do not come out after 9 pm in order to avoid meeting with the spirits. Others do not use vehicles for transport to avoid being cursed by the spirits.

The missionaries identify insecurity as a great challenge. They are happy that more mission agencies are sending workers in the region. Through partnerships, they have been able to be more effective.

In conclusion, the Wafulas plead for more prayers. They pray that God would protect them and their family, and trust God for resources and more open doors.

By: Kenneth Irungu