abortn1Abortion is murder. It is the deliberate, violent, and unnatural destruction of a living human being. Yet it is happening around us. What are we doing about it?

During a two-day seminar held in DOVE Nairobi, trainers from LIFE International* urged that we should all respect the sanctity of life. Participants were trained on the sacredness of human life, God?s design for family, Biblical worldview, Biblical sexuality, becoming a life giver, human reproduction, abortion procedures and after-abortion long term effects, among other relevant topics.

Does the church indirectly support abortion because of the stigma placed on babies born out of wedlock? Do church leaders, in their efforts to bring discipline and advocate for holiness, push some women to the brink until they decide to abort? These were among the issues discussed at the seminar.

Bramuel Musya, one of the LIFE International trainers, noted that mankind is unique among all creation because men and women are made in the image of God.

life IntTherefore, all human life is of equal worth and immeasurable value from conception to natural death. However, devaluation of human life has led to the death of hundreds of millions of people and caused untold damage around the globe.

Because we have all participated in this devaluation in one way or another, the training ended with a session on repentance, forgiveness, and healing.

?We must value human life as God does, and choose to be life-giving in our views of and responses to other people, including the pre-born,? said Aysha Wanjiku, another facilitator. It is the pledge of DOVE Africa to do just that ? to become more life-giving and more pro-active regarding issues surrounding abortion.

* LIFE international equips, empowers and releases leaders for life-giving ministry worldwide wherever abortion exists or the sanctity of human life is diminished.

By Kenneth Irungu