Our expression of faith is more than the Sunday morning celebration. It is a Kingdom lifestyle of practical service and demonstration of God’s power in every realm of life and society.  Every activity, whether it’s prayer, microfinance, planting trees, training, education, emergency relief or digging wells, is conducted to bring holistic transformation. This enables the people of Africa to rise from a mentality of helplessness to a position of self-sustenance and attitude of hope.

The DOVE Centre

This vision begins with a 24-7 prayer center on the top floor where believers from around the world join together to agree with the Lord in prayer. Many will come to receive training and empowerment to bring about holistic transformation. And the centre will be a financial engine with a hotel, restaurant and conference center that supports the prayer and training initiatives.


Eliminating poverty and enhancing the social welfare of all members is the goal of DOVE Springs SACCO. This member-owned microfinance organization provides a model of cooperative economic empowerment. The program promotes savings, credit, and investment that enhance economic stability and quality of life. Almost anyone can save, borrow and earn through this innovative approach to microfinance and small business loans which helps provide food for their families, pay school fees, and start businesses.

Tree Planting

Deforestation in East Africa has resulted in reduced rainfall. The forest coverage in Kenya is currently at 1.7% but at least 10% coverage is needed to produce adequate rainfall needed to feed the people of Kenya. DOVE Africa partners with Springs of Africa in community development, conservation agriculture, and reforestation initiatives

DOVE Schools

Many of the churches of DOVE Africa also sponsor schools. In this way, DOVE Africa churches are shaping the hearts and minds of children by instilling Kingdom values through God’s Word in the young lives of students.

Hope Kebir Nursery and Primary School, Arua, Uganda

Joysprings Educational Center, Kibera, Kenya

Nyakagando TAN Primary School, Kiryandongo, Uganda

Peace Nursery and Primary School, Yumbe, Uganda

Seed Academy, Nyortis, Kenya

Shalom Academy, Eldoret, Kenya

Skyview Junior School, Kampala, Uganda

Ziwani Academy

Poverty & Emergency Relief

DOVE Africa teams up with a number of organizations to provide disaster and emergency relief to areas in need all over Africa. They also provide food, water, and other supplies to those particularly affected by poverty.


Every day, thousands of people in Africa die from preventable water-borne diseases. Women and children spend several hours a day collecting water from distant, polluted sources. Access to clean drinking water will help establish food security and help Africa become healthy and green once again. DOVE Africa supports holistic transformation transformation efforts by digging wells in key locations around East Africa. The goal is to see the cycle of dependence on food aid broken, and communities moved from self-sustenance to wealth creation.

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