Visionary is the word that describes Pastor Davis Habaasa of DOVE Uganda.

Pastor Davis Habaasa and her wife, Grace Habaasa. They have jointly started a Vine Herbal Soap business.

Pastor Davis Habaasa and her wife, Grace

Habaasa. They have jointly started a Vine
Herbal Soap business.

In fact, he is a true innovator among DOVE Africa leaders, and a good person to listen to about starting your own business.

At the recent DOVE Uganda 20th Anniversary Conference, Pastor Davis successfully taught about ?Revival in Finances.? Remarkably, he used his own very practical example that inspired hundreds of delegates who attended the conference.

?I realized the struggles some of my church members were going through trying to put ?food on the table,? and I started looking for ways to turn a great idea into a tangible business,? said Pastor Davis.

It was then that the idea to start Vine Herbal Soap (VHS) was born. However, he said that before launching the soap, he did intensive research on the target market, how to access the raw materials needed in processing the soap and the number of staff he needed among many other factors.

It was after becoming satisfied with his research that Davis was able to start the business with 1.5 million Uganda shillings (50,000 Kenyan shillings), part of this being a loan.

?I kicked off with my project of making the Vine Herbal Soap after borrowing a loan and adding a little of my savings. Success was inevitable since I had done intensive research,? he added.

The Vine Herbal Soap business by Davis produces bathing soaps, body lotions and hair shampoo.

According to Davis, VHS is a home-based business that comes with many benefits among them the flexibility to create your own schedule. He also pointed out that when a business is home-based, it does not mean staying small or limiting one?s opportunities.

As he explained during his presentation, VHS is already thriving and has about 40 employees. Davis anticipates that as VHS expands, his products will find a market niche outside Uganda?s borders.

Very importantly, Davis has upheld integrity even in the business realm. He explained that the Uganda Bureau of Standards tests all VHS products. In addition, he said that he has ensured that proper paperwork for the business is always put in place.

For sure, Davis exhibits in VHS what Ecclesiastes 10:19 says, ?A feast is made for laughter and wine maketh merry, money answereth all things?. (KJV)

As I sat in the congregation listening to Davis, I agreed with him that we really need economic revival in our East African Community and more so in the body of Christ. When the economy is revived, many people will be empowered and will experience a truly transformed life.

In conclusion, it is good for all of us to note that transformation is key in achieving our DOVE Vision: ?To build a relationship with Jesus Christ, one another, and transform our world!?

By Angela Kung?u