Young people in DOVE Nairobi were encouraged to pass the baton of the gospel to others who will be faithful. Denny and Michelle Craker, missionaries for over 30 years in Taiwan, urged the youth to not only remain faithful to the Word, but also to pass it on.

Denny 3 pic
Denny Craker (In a black tie) demonstrating to
the youths how to ?Pass on the Baton? as Paul
urged Timothy

During the afternoon session, Denny illustrated what Paul meant when he spoke to his dear son Timothy to entrust the things he had heard from him to other reliable men who would be able to teach others.*

He also challenged them to be faithful to receive the spiritual baton when it is handed over to them by the pastors (who act as Paul) and leaders (who act as the Timothy).

Denny referred to a study that was done in United States showing that 65% of adults above 65 years old say they are Christians with only 35% of people between the ages 46-64 years old being Christians. He compared the above figures with only 15% and 4% of youths aged 34-45 years and 16-33 years respectively being Christians.

Denny pointed out that the study shows the gap in passing on. He said that lack of trust and pride are the main reasons why people fail to pass on the gospel. He also noted that fear to take responsibility is a hindrance.

?You need a Paul, a Timothy and a Barnabas to grow,? said Denny, challenging the youth to look for accountability persons who will help them grow up in their faith.

Denny pic 2?You do not need to get out of the country to become a missionary. You can reach people through the Internet and the international people who have moved into your own communities right here in Kenya.,? said Denny who has been ministering in the underground church in Taiwan and to greater Asian region.

He concluded by saying that his greatest lesson in the mission field for the three decades is to trust in God even when it does not make sense.

* 2 Timothy 2:2

By Kenneth Irungu