DOVE Mission Africa’s workers in an Islamic community, W and W, guided several young men to Christ. With diligent and deliberate discipleship, one of the wives has also come to the Lord. Ladies from the village visited the home to dissuade the wife from embracing the Christian faith. She did not give in. They beat her up and left her lying unconscious on the ground.

When someone found her, they called the missionaries, who took her to the nearest clinic. Praise God, she came back to consciousness and recovered after several days in the hospital. The family continues to stand for the Lord.

Another family in the community “gave” W and W their daughter to take care of, take to school, and teach in the ways of “their” religion. To keep this teenage girl safe from backlash and from being married off, W and W have enrolled her in a boarding school.

“It is a real battle,” W says. “The fight between light and darkness is being staged right in front of our eyes. We have decided not to hide behind development projects. The community knows that we are Christians who are here to share our faith. We challenge ourselves to tell someone in the village about Christ every week. It is time to take the Kingdom!” 

Please pray for continued faithfulness for these believers and for their safety as they share Christ’s love with their neighbors. 

The Justice Project featured in a documentary


A German documentary is being released in the coming months, and the filmmakers highlighted The Justice Project’s outreach café and their work assisting women in the prostitution industry. The Justice Project’s team gave insight to the complex situations that their clients are in and the controversial issues surrounding legalized prostitution. 

Since the beginning of the pandemic, The Justice Project’s counseling center has assisted many clients. Women who don’t qualify for social assistance have no choice but to keep working the streets. This results in hefty fines from local police patrols. It’s a vicious cycle that drives women deeper into poverty-driven prostitution. The Justice Project is actively seeking solutions with city officials.

Justin and Rawan Shrum lead The Justice Project in Germany. 


NEW One-Year Missions Opportunity


WHAT? Yearlong missions team
DOVE Mission International is recruiting workers to be a part of a missions team for one year.

WHERE? Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey
Spend one year in Sliven, Bulgaria, southeastern Europe. During that year, spend one week in Thessaloniki and Philippi, Greece, studying the New Testament letters written to those cities! Also planned is a mission outreach to Turkey.  

WHEN? January – December 2022
Beginning January 2022 for one year. After around five weeks of intensive language learning, the team will serve DOVE Christian Fellowship in Sliven under the leadership of Danail and Nora Tanevi.

WHO can apply?
Anyone 18+ with church leadership recommendation.

WHAT will participants do?

  • Outreach to children
  • Develop a new youth group
  • Develop a social media strategy for DOVE Christian Fellowship Sliven’s communication and outreach
  • Serve a Roma community in the mountains
Along with serving the local church, the team will gain vast cross-cultural experience and grow in many ministry skills.  
Application deadline is September 20, 2021