During the dry season, there is a lot of dust and wind. Mornings are chilly and the days are hot. These contrasts, the wind and the usual grind of life result in many ailments. For sure, the medical clinics were timely and a source of great relief to communities in Endebess, Liavo, Nyortis and Got-Osimbo.
On the first day, we started at Chorlim Primary School just outside of Endebess. But the time we arrived, patients were already lined up. This pattern repeated itself every day. Even though we were bringing a steady stream of patients in for triage and then consultation with a doctor, the lines seemed to keep getting longer. Sometime they looked and felt endless.

DMM?s approach was to not only handle medical needs, but to also minister spiritually. Every person was prayed for before they left the clinic. Several gave their lives to Christ. That equals healing for eternity, and we thank God.

People came with many different illnesses. Some had very high blood pressure and high sugar levels ? and surprisingly many were not aware that they had these conditions and were not taking any medication to control them. This of course brings risk of more serious complications. As much as people are advised to go for regular checkups, it became obvious that many do not. Instead, a lack of funds or of nearby medical facilities forces them to live with an ailment until they cannot bear it any longer and then go to the hospital when it is almost too late. I realized that medical clinics at the grassroots level are really very essential.

We partnered with the Christian Medical Association of Kenya in the camps, who provided a doctor and pharmacist. This was quite advantageous because the local medics did not experience any communication barrier and this made it possible for queues to move faster.
In five clinic days, DMM and the team treated over 750 patients! It was our goal that every patient would receive treatment, but unfortunately that did not happen. Some were turned away untreated, and of course disappointed. Others would whisper in my ears, ?why can?t you camp here for two days so that all us can get treatment?? Perhaps in the future we will do just that.

My gratitude goes out to everyone who assisted in the clinics in one way or another. Local DOVE pastors ensure that we had security and order in every clinic. To the DMM team, may God bless you abundantly. It melts my heart to see how much love you have for people of this nation. Despite your busy schedules, you chose to come and be a blessing to many in Kenya. And for those who dug deep into their pockets to support DMM, DOVE Kenya and the purchase of medicine, I salute you! We are all very grateful.

~ Angela Kung?u