DOVE Leaders were urged to give more opportunities to young people in their churches during the recent DOVE Africa convention. The youth expressed their commitment to ministry, pleading with the leaders for the freedom to serve God in the churches.

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAGeorge Ochieng of Generation Safi, a DOVE church in Nairobi that is comprised mostly of youth, called upon the leaders to help the youths develop leadership skills that will help them in church planting.

?Love the youths and be honest with them. Mentor them in ministry and be near to them,? George urged the leaders. However, he cautioned that the youths need to be led and handled with care to ensure that they do not commit same mistakes their seniors committed.

Rahab, a member of Generation Safi, urged the leaders to be open and honest. In her own story, she explained how her elders in her denomination, the Akorino church, have never explained the theology behind wearing the turban.

In addition, she challenged the leaders to be available to the youths and to always involve them in decision-making. She said that this involvement will help leaders understand the younger generation and also help prevent criticism and condemnation.

Dirk speaking to the youths during the Convention
Dirk speaking to the youths during the Convention

Dirk Develing from DOVE Netherlands informed the leaders that the disciples of Jesus were very young, but were able to effectively bring a great revolution in the whole world. He added that the leaders need to guide the youths, embrace and encourage them since they will greatly impact generations to come.

Diane Omondi noted that the great revivals in history were brought by young people. She added that it is common for existing leaders to suppress young people and a new move of revival, but God still works through them. She concluded by encouraging the leaders to encourage the youths to be actively involved in ministry and missions and to keep praying for them.


By Kenneth Irungu