If he had known what awaited him, Job would have listened to the sense of looming danger that dominated his spirit. But being a family man, he had to put food on the table. ?When I arrived, we exchanged the usual morning greetings with my colleagues and all started to work. At around 4:00 pm, as I was moving bricks, I stepped on a feeble scaffold and fell from the fifth floor of the building to the ground,? Job explains. Those who took him to the hospital assumed that they would never see him alive again.

The next thing Job knew, he was on a hospital bed. ?I could not feel anything in my body. The doctors told me that my spinal cord was fractured and that I would not live a normal life. I was paralyzed; I thought would never walk again.?

It had been nine months since Pastor Ibrahim Omondi had led Job to Christ during a DOVE Nairobi outreach. Now, faced with life in a wheelchair, Job clung to hope in Christ. DOVE members prayed for him, visited him, and donated a wheelchair to help him get around.

?Accepting Christ was the best decision I ever made. God found me. In my difficult moments, God sent angels to watch over me.?

After 3 months, to the doctors? amazement, Job was discharged from the hospital. With the help of his wheelchair, he continued going to the hospital for physiotherapy.

?I was shocked when Job called to ask if we could help him get him a walker,? Ibrahim testifies. ?I knew that he was improving more than expected, but this was really a miracle. Job came to the office in person several days later to return the wheelchair and exchange it for a walker. Then, one month later, Job found a pair of crutches and brought the walker back. He didn?t need it anymore! Glory be to God!

DSC_2516Now eight months after the accident, Job is back on his feet. He has not been able to go back to construction work, but was helped by the ministry to start a business of cooking and selling?mandaazi?(doughnuts). ?I praise God that our family has food on the table,? Job says. ?Is God not providing for us? I could be dead today but God gave me a second chance to tell of His love and power. I am not special, but God gave me the gift of new life in Christ and then decided that I should survive that fatal fall.? Praise be to God!