DOVE Mission Africa missionaries A and G minister to unreached people groups through a medical clinic and two schools. Here is an update.

“We praise God, who forgives all our iniquities and heals all our diseases. We thank Him for protection during this pandemic. We have not heard of any cases in the remote village where we have the clinic, although there is an increase of cases in a nearby town. By the grace of God, we have continued offering medical services on a weekly basis.

“We recently had a school sports day with another local school. The children and their teachers had so much fun interacting. Students in that school are from a 99.9% Islamic tribe that has pronounced physical needs. The visiting school constitutes of several unreached tribes, with Muslim majority and about 45% Christians. Sports day at our school was historic, because this was the highest number of different communities being hosted at one event in our village. This was very significant to our prayer that God will continue breaking barriers of religious and communal hostility so that the love of God can spread.”

Leading by the Spirit in South Africa


DOVE USA missionaries Elnie and Ashley Ottow are helping to facilitate a dynamic four-week program called Leading by the Spirit to be run in Cape Town, South Africa, October 4-31. This course will help people grow in leadership, spiritual gifts, identity, and destiny, as well as how to minister in areas of inner healing and restoration. Participants from around the world have already signed up. If you would like to participate, you may register below by September 17.

Serving the First Nations of Australia


Ryan Abbott, a DOVE USA missionary, in April staffed a camp for First Nations people in Western Australia. Thirty young people aged 12-19 attended, and Ryan shared on God’s presence and commitment to us during the difficult times in life. There have already been follow-up meetings with the campers where the staff help the young people know Jesus in a way that honors their culture. 

Congratulations Ryan and Clarissa! They are also happy to announce the birth of their first child, a daughter, Harper!