I love numbers and the patterns they form. If you want to plant optimistic expectation in my soul, just tell me that the groceries cost 33 dollars and 77 cents. Or give me 337 shillings in change after a purchase.

The number 2, according to biblical numerology, represents harmony, kinship and cooperation. It also speaks of integrity – an integrity provided by God. God united man and woman, 2 persons, into one marriage union. Number 2 also symbolizes the joining of Christ and the church.

The Bible is made up of two covenants, the Old and the New. Jesus, as the second Adam, brought eternal life and salvation to humankind. Fulfillment of the second Covenant is found “Adam number 2”: Jesus Christ.

One more good thing. Today, I don’t have to worry about whether I am writing the day and month in U.S. style or Kenyan style. It’s all the same!

Happy 2.2.22!

~ Diane