Leaders of DOVE Rwanda are grateful to God for the growth of DOVE Churches in the region. Seeing new churches being planted has rekindled their faith.

Pastor Levis Kagigi and Amon Muhoza

According to Levis Kagigi, the apostolic leader of DOVE Rwanda, fifteen new believers were baptized last December in the churches in Kigali, a sign that the church is growing significantly. In addition, the church here has engaged in different projects that have impacted positively in the lives of people in the region.

?We have started church-aided projects such as schools and health institutions, that have significantly touched the lives of more than four hundred orphans and many poor families,? Kagigi explained. However, he noted that the government has put strict regulations on development projects and thus pleaded for more prayers to help the projects to stand.

Amon Muhoza, a leader in DOVE Rwanda, said that they are hoping to have more church plants this year and more training of pastors in the region in their pursuit to support DOVE International?s Challenge 2020 church planting. rwanda

He explained that they have been quite resourceful in gathering the funds needed to make support Kingdom projects. ?We raise financial support through getting loans in the banks and paying it later as a church,? he explained. He challenged other leaders attending the DOVE Africa convention to take a step of courage and seek affordable loans for building God?s building that can be paid back by members of the church.

In 2016, the leaders said that they are trusting God to help them raise enough resources for the purchase of one hectare of land. The leaders added that they are also committed to continue spreading God?s word in the region through evangelism.