IMG-20171007-WA0001About 45 children from DOVE, ranging from 3 to 16 years of age, were part of this powerful child-driven event. Together with a team of their teachers, they arrived?at Nairobi Chapel to find a multitude of 2,500 children from all over the country gathered to bring a petition to the Almighty with regards to our nation Kenya and also to pray for their communities and schools.?Regardless of their ethnic tribes or social class, they all joined hands and prayed earnestly.

IMG-20171007-WA0009These prayers were so timely since it came when the country was preparing itself for National General Election, as well as end of the year nation exams for primary and secondary schools.?One after the other, selected children stepped up to the podium, recited memory verses and prayed for various concerns such as obedience among children, provision, peace, unity, and prayed against vices such as corruption, child slavery and nepotism. From DOVE we had Leon Mbeche (15) and Lucy Akoth (13) taking the opportunity to pray for Kenya as well as other countries in Africa. Despite the magnitude of the stage before them, they really did make us proud. The younger ones equally displayed a lot of discipline throughout the service.

IMG-20171007-WA0008The highlight of this event must have been when the children were asked to kneel down and pray for Kenya. Without complaint, they went down on their knees, and soon the room was filled with cries from them to the Almighty God. I?believe that as children humbled themselves before God, lifting their hands and crying out loudly to Him they were not looking for greatness or fame as adults sometimes do

As this memorable moment was coming to an end, over 1,000 kids gave their life to Jesus. Praise God!?It was indeed an amazing day.