After prayers, we open the Bible and start reading it publicly. It is a journey that will take us the next 11 days. We aim to proclaim God?s word and gain personal refreshment. In addition, we look forward to raising funds for our missionaries with every hour of Bible reading costing one hundred Kenya Shillings. We begin, ?In the beginning God?.?

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAThe first day was full of great surprises from the book of Genesis. God creates man, and before long the fall comes. The first generations follow suit, rebelling against God. We then read the book of Job?a book about suffering, a story many of us can relate to, for we live in a world full of sufferings. The book ends well with God blessing Job more than before hence giving us hope that God will do the same to us in eternal life through the suffering of one greater than Job: Jesus who died on the cross.

The first five books of the Bible, commonly referred to as Books of Moses, show us the character of a holy God who hates sin and punishes it but on the on the other hand a God of love who forgives all who repent. In our next readings, we see the story of Israel as contained in the books of history.

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAThe book of Joshua relates how God fought and conquered many nations for Israelites. Before long, we get to Judges, a book with a sad story of how Israelites did what seemed right in their eyes. It ends with such a gloomy verse, ?In those days, Israel had no king and everyone did as he saw fit.?

We interact with the kingship of Israel in the book of Samuel. Saul gets to power easily but falls from kingship so suddenly. David replaces him, conquers many cities ? and has his failures too. He writes so many Psalms which expose to us his personality and faith in God, among the famous repentant Psalm 51.

Later we see God sending prophets to proclaim his judgment over Israel. However, we also see the rise of some false prophets lying to Israel concerning proclaimed destruction. Our readings in the last two days have been about what the Lord declares concerning Israel.

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAEvery day of Bible reading is packed with surprises. In our reading of the Bible so far, it is so clear that God is Holy! He hates man?s rebellion and has gone to all length to reconcile himself to man, pleading with all to repent and turn to Him.

We are grateful to all who continue supporting this worthy course. We continue to raise money for DOVE Missions in Africa by reading the Bible cover to cover. We finished Old Testament, now reading the New Testament.
Bible reading continues?

By Kenneth Irungu