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Empowering God’s people in Africa to connect with God and each other for Kingdom transformation.



Declaring Our Victory Emmanuel

DOVE is an international church planting movement that partners with churches and ministries to advance God’s Kingdom. Our vision is to build a relationship with Jesus Christ, with one another and to transform the world: house to house, village to village, city to city and nation to nation.


Churches Planted*

Reaching over

Previously unreached people groups*



* Conservative?estimates as exact numbers are unknown.

Church Planting

& Missions

Raising up and sending out African leaders and missionaries to plant churches and bring the gospel of the kingdom to the unreached.

Sustainable Development

Educating Africans on healthy agricultural practices to stop Deforestation and create wealth generating ecosystems.


& Education

DOVE Africa churches are shaping the hearts and minds of children by instilling Kingdom values through God’s Word in schools throughout the continent.


& Economic Empowerment

Empowering Africans to get out of the cycle of systemic poverty through microfinance and other economic empowerment resources.

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Current Updates

Happy 2-2-22 Day!

Happy 2-2-22 Day!

I love numbers and the patterns they form. If you want to plant optimistic expectation in my soul, just tell me that the groceries cost 33 dollars and 77 cents. Or give me 337 shillings in change after a purchase. The number 2, according to biblical numerology,...

Kenyan community transformation despite opposition

Kenyan community transformation despite opposition

Benjamin and Carla*, DOVE Missions Africa workers, had a vision to bring water to a village in northeastern Kenya. The water would be useful to the community in many ways. In particular, Benjamin and Carla desired to start a vocational and missions training program....

Church planting for least-reached people group in Kenya 

Church planting for least-reached people group in Kenya 

Paul* and Janet* have launched a DOVE church plant on Faza Island. Interesting! Missionaries in DOVE Africa are not usually considered to be church planters as they serve among least-reached people groups, so this is very unique. God has given them favour among other...

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